October 16-19, 2016

Conference registration fees
$949 Early Bird
$989 Regular
$1,089 Late Registration


Room rates
Friday-Saturday        $119 plus taxes and $25 resort fees
Sunday-Thursday    $99 plus taxes and $25 resort fee


Why attend Credit Union Call Center?

"The 2015 conference was my first experience with this wonderful group of professionals.  Everyone was so open and willing to share their successes and misadventures. The time speaking with other credit union representatives is an opportunity that no one should pass on. You not only gain great networking contacts but you also gain a unique professional bond. You will have these contacts and new advisors long into  your career. After returning from the conference, my team mate and I immediately gathered our notes and generated an action plan from items we learned about at the conference. Some of the take aways were implemented right away and we are already seeing the benefit! I can’t thank the event coordinators enough!  I hope to attend many more conferences and allow other members of my staff to attend as well. This experience and learning opportunity should be shared by many!!!"

Nadine Sherman
Branch Operations Manager - Call Center
Fairwinds Credit Union


“This past year's CU Call Center Conference was the best yet! I was able to take away a number of practical action steps that not only will improve the call center I work in but also my Credit Union as a whole. I also enjoyed meeting call center managers from all over the country and gained insight to best practices from those who are transitioning there call centers from merely answering calls to becoming full service digital branches. I am excited about our specific role in the CU industry and look forward to next year’s conference.”

Brett Beckham
Inside Sales Manager, Leaders Credit Union


“The conference is a fantastic way to network with other professionals in the credit union call center industry to learn valuable leadership skills and best practices. This is a unique opportunity to gain best practice insights from colleagues in similar positions who have been in the industry longer than myself. I also enjoy the conversations I have with young professionals who are seeking ways to be successful. Anyone who attends comes out with something they can take back and apply!”

Julie Schippers
Manager, Member Contact Center
Altra Federal Credit Union


Challenging and under pressure, the call center is where the action is at your credit union. You field communications from your members and need to solve their issues, problems and questions fast and accurately.

In addition, you need  to know about the technology your credit union uses to reach members. You’re also selling products and services AND you are on the front lines in the fight against fraud.

We know what you’re up against because we work in credit union land, just like you. We understand the credit union mission and philosophy. We speak your language.

Credit Union Call Center Conference brings you new strategies and methods to help you make your call center the best it can be when it comes to serving your members.